Teams of 5 to 7 people compete each other in 12 fun team games, accessible for all fitness levels, on one afternoon, with live scoring in a festive atmosphere with awards party.


We will test all your team skills from the day you register until the final day with 12 fun team games.


Even sofa surfers can join. All skills are important to win the competition. Everyone feels like a hero.


A referee, marshalls, live rankings, many awards... it feels like the team Olympics for companies.

The program

We keep the challenges a secret until 2 weeks before the Hercules Trophy. That's all part of the fun! No worries, we organised over 150 different challenges over the past 25 years and we guarantee the perfect mix. Your team will move from challenge to challenge. 15 minutes challenge, 15 minute break. You will receive your personal team planning 2 days in advance. The general program will look like this (slight changes still possible of course)

11:30 - Gates open for team registrations
12:00 - Briefing, Brain challenge for all, Opening Ceremony
13:00 - 5 team challenges of 15min each with 15min breaks
15:15 - break with a House challenge and start petanque challenge
16:00 - 5 team challenges
of 15min each with 15min breaks
18:15 - Food, drinks, awards, after-party

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