Welcome in the Dubai Desert

The Hercules Trophy village will be located at Caravan Serai.
The awards after-party will be hosted by Terra Solis Dubai.

Caravan Serai is an eclectic year-round destination and has a lot more to offer than just barren deserts. It's your getaway into the heritage of the Arabic region while experiencing Emirati hospitality at its finest. Discover a bygone era as you wander along the windswept dunes. Your team members will be pampered by our stunningly recreated desert experience, with a modern luxury twist, in an authentic setting. Disconnection guaranteed!

You will start your day with a warm welcome in Caravan Serai. Breakfast, warming-up, captains briefing, opening ceremony, lunch, snack and desert experience dinner will be organised there. Water, coffee and tea are served all day long. Soft-drinks and alcoholic beverages can be purchased at the cash bar. All the Hercules Trophy challenges will be installed in the surroundings of camp. Teams will have their own team table. Our resident MC Dave Crane will be your host during the whole day.

After the desert experience dinner, we will all leave the camp on foot to enter the magical site of Terra Solis Dubai, by Tomorrowland. You will be the first guests ever, and will experience the awards after-party by the pool. Epic vibes under the stars by resident Terra Solis DJ guaranteed.

Yes, you can join the after-party too, but you have to be invited by one of the participating teams. They can book your ticket.

terra solis dubai map